The goal was to create designs that fitted different kitchen and dining room settings and moods. The ideas start with the basic toaster volume and transform it into various sculptural shapes. These range from the strictly structured to the softly flowing. All three toasters feature not only the standard toasting function but also ejection, warm-up, and roast functions that can be selected by the relevant button. The handle for the crumb tray is located on the back.

Toaster Shell

’Shell’ is made up of a plastic shell and a metal surface placed inside it that bears the controls, excluding the crumb tray. The integrated roasting grate pops into place by a slide lever on the top. The formal elements reflect circles and spheres. The rounded shape of ’Shell’ expresses the sense of warmth generated by the toaster.

Toaster Eight

’Eight’ consists of two fully rounded blocks that, seen from above, resemble a compressed eight made of two ovals. All the design elements likewise boast a similarly rounded or circular shape. The integrating roasting grate pops into place using a lever on the back. The rounded blocks emphasize the two pieces of toast and the warmth that is radiated.

Toaster Stack

’Stack’ consists of four equally wide rectangular slabs interconnected by narrow seams. The two central slabs house the lengthwise toast slits which are framed on both sides by the outer two slabs. The controls are located in the seams. A roasting grate can be placed on top. The shape symbolizes pieces of toast in a row.

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