Deutsche Post DHL / Postbank Yellow portal

The objective of the development was to give the entrances of the branches a unique appearance that is easily noticed and recognized.

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Yellow portal – overview

The symbolic design of the gateway guarantees this. The modular system comprises identical columns, which, combined with a cross beam, mean it can be adapted to almost any entrance.
The yellow portal strengthens the brand identity of Deutsche Post DHL and Postbank Centers through increased presence in streetscapes.

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Yellow portal – patented modular system

The modular system comprises a single acrylic system profile that joins a 45° arc with a wall connection at a right angle, the columns form a level or right-angled connection to the geometry of the entrance.
Putting several column profiles together produces a gradation in the circumference of the columns depending on the level of visibility required and the size of the building.
Depending on the constellation of the columns, the cross beam adjoins the level surfaces of the columns with end sections at 45° or 90°.
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