Video projectors

Three products were created. The design ranges from geometric and sober to sculptural and soft. The functions are largely controlled via the remote. Only the ON / OFF switch, lights for ON / OFF, warning and change lamp indicators are on the projector housing itself.

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Video projector Brace
Brace has a body that is structured vertically into two sections. The front part takes in the upwards protruding lens on which the focus and zoom can be set manually using the knurled lens side. The rear part houses operating functions, display, technology, ventilation and ports.

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Video projector Stage
Stage consists of a flat body that is fully rounded on the sides, which has a recessed section at the front for the lens and at the rear for the port panel. This means the lens and connections are located in protected areas. Focusing and zoom are set via the remote control.

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Video projector Wave
Wave is designed from a soft shape. The front side dips inwards towards the lens, while the main body curves outwards – and has a more pronounced curve around the lens. Functional fields for ventilation, port panel and mains connection are incised in the main body. Focusing and zoom are set via the remote control.

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