Zimmermann Public Design
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Bicycle shelter "Ypsilon" and bicycle stands     Bicycle shelter "Tetra",
bicycle stand "Parallel"

“Ypsilon” is a bicycle shelter picking up traditional cast-iron shapes to create a new interpretation. Double square profiles form the columns that carry a wing shaped element made of t-profiles each. The wing form in combination with the filigree twin columns creates an impression of airiness and elegance.

“Tetra” is a series of bicycle shelters suitable for single, free-standing units, made for 8 to 12 bicycles, but also for modular components of large-area systems. A catchy frame geometry allows a high recognition of the shelter’s design.

“Parallel” is a product line of bicycle stands. The main tube contour cites the frame geometry of bicycles as an iconic gestalt for public space. As a backwards tilted rhomboid, the shape picks up the contours of head tube with fork, top tube and seat tube, thus symbolizing the direction for parking the bike.

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