Projects (Selection)

Lengyel Design is active in various areas of industrial design, product design and corporate design.
This is a selection of projects we already realized.
3M, Liesegang Video Projectors   3M, Liesegang Video Projectors Mabeg Orientation System   Mabeg Orientation System
Berker Light Switch Product Line   Berker Light Switch Product Line Zimmermann Public Design   Zimmermann Public Design
Insta Lighting Remote Control   Insta Lighting Remote Control Otto Wate Bins for the City of Bochum   Otto Waste Bins
Gira Rail Mounted Device   Gira Rail Mounted Device Deutsche Post DHL Service Island   Deutsche Post DHL Service Terminal
Jung Home Manager   Jung Home Manager Postbank Retail Design   Deutsche Post / Postbank Retail Design
PetroChina Kunlun Lubricant Bottles   DHL Signage and Interior Design   DHL Signage and Interior Design
Balzano Espresso Maker   Balzano Espresso Maker      

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