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Design is communication. Design conveys values. Product design communicates the values of a product and a company.

The philosophy of a company can be seen in its products and services. The value of a brand is reflected in the appearance and the utility value of a product.

We communicate the corporate philosophy at the product level. We give ideas a shape.

Emotions, style and culture form the aesthetics of a product. We combine aesthetics, function and handling in a way that is more than merely the sum of the product characteristics: a product that appeals to the senses and the intellect.


The definition of the briefing is a deciding factor for the success of product development. We offer our assistance and support in preparing the briefing.

The requirements and evaluation criteria for the design and product development are defined and adapted to the needs of the company, its products and its target markets.

Based on the briefing agreed on, we create design ideas and design concepts as different initial alternatives to provide the desired product characteristics in different ways.

The design ideas and design concepts presented are evaluated on the basis of the previously established criteria. In the end, a design and solution concept is selected and approved for further development by designers and constructing engineers.

At the same time, in close cooperation with the designers and constructing engineers, the design and the construct are developed on the basis of the design and solution concept selected.


As the final step in this development process, a functional prototype is presented by the developers, along with a model, which represents the final design of the product.

Preparation for production starts after the presentation and discussion together with us and then the approval of the prototype by the client, whereby the design model serves as a reference and basis for production, purchasing, marketing, and sales, until the first series products are available.

We are happy to provide you with support in the preparation of production to ensure the design quality of the prototype right up to the end of the development process and successful market introduction.

Knowing that a product we have designed inspires is the highest form of praise there is for our cooperative accomplishments.

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